The Common Cup and the Greeting of Peace

The Parish has received some guidance from the Diocese on how to conduct these rituals safely in post Covid times. These are the guidelines we will follow from now on:

  1. Please sanitize your hands before entering the church.
  2. Greeting of Peace – only greet the people in your pew and wave/bow to/acknowledge all others. If you don’t feel comfortable with physical contact, please feel free to wave/nod/bow with hands together, etc.
  3. Communion – when coming forward for communion, please sanitize your hands (hand sanitizer is provided at the end of the front pews).
  4. Common cup – we ask that you do not intinct (dip) the bread/wafer into the wine.
  5. If you do not wish to drink from the common cup, you can acknowledge the chalice by bowing to it.

Parishioners with any questions concerning these procedures are free to speak to Reverend Lyndon.

Financial Support

As the Parish cannot operate without finance parishioners are encouraged to continue depositing their weekly pledges in the Parish Bank Account, BSB 705-077 Account No. 00040354. The deposit should be accompanied by the initials of the church the parishioner usually attends, e.g. A/S = All Saints, H/T = Holy Trinity and S/J = St Johns and the number of the pledge envelope or O/P (open plate) if not using envelopes. To ensure that pledges remain confidential parishioners should not record their names on the deposits.