Commencing Sunday 22nd March 2020 all worship services in the Parish have been suspended with a view to containing the spread of coronavirus. Such suspension arises from a direction of the Anglican Bishops of the Province of NSW and the ACT. An endeavour will be made to open churches at the regular service times to enable parishioners to pray. In addition a 15 minute service of worship will be provided by the Rector on Facebook at 8.30am on Sundays.

As the Parish cannot operate without finance parishioners are encouraged to deposit their weekly pledges in the Parish Bank Account, BSB 705-077 Account No. 00040354. The deposit should be accompanied by the initials of the church the parishioner usually attends, e.g. A/S = All Saints, H/T = Holy Trinity and S/J = St Johns and the number of the pledge envelope or O/P (open plate) if not using envelopes. To ensure that pledges remain confidential parishioners should not record their names on the deposits.

All Christians are called on to pray for health workers and those seeking to develop a vaccine and to pray that the spread of the disease may slow.

God’s love for all people has not diminished, nor his sovereignty over his world as a result of this disease. Therefore, we urge all people to trust in God’s goodness and mercy in this crisis and we encourage Christians everywhere to show Christ’s love to those affected.


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